Ningbo: Week 4

We’ve only been in school for a month and we’ve had two breaks already. The first break from school was for the 中秋节 (Mid-Autumn Festival) on September 15th. It’s a day for family to be together, give thanks and hope for good fortune (essentially Chinese Thanksgiving). Even though I was lacking the family part, I ate one moon cake so I can say it was a success.

Week 4 was mostly uneventful up until the weekend because it was the start of our second break for the National holiday. On October 1st 1949, the People’s Republic of China was inaugurated and thus the celebration of 国庆节 (National Day, essentially China’s 4th of July) was created. Even better, National Day kicks off 黄金周 (Golden Week) which meant from October 3rd-October 7th the entire nation was on vacation! For National Day, I paid a visit to the Ningbo Historic Museum and visited Tianyi Square.

The Ningbo Historic Museum gives a small look into China’s extensive history and a glimpse at Ningbo’s rich culture and history.


The other half of my day was spent shopping at Tianyi Square, the largest shopping center in Ningbo! The only familiar stores here are H&M, Zara and the Abercrombie and Fitch that has yet to open. People have been telling me for months that clothes will be so cheap in China, but I’m here to tell you they are wrong. Probably on a street market the clothes will be cheap, but in the malls the clothes are the same price or more expensive than what you would pay back home. It’s like going shopping at International Mall; you only stay on the bottom floor to shop unless you’re going to the food court. Every mall in China is the top floor of International Mall! One outfit here is worth $100 USD or more… You don’t realize how much you treasure F21 until you leave the country. For now I’ll settle with H&M when I need winter clothes and the clothes that I brought with me. The good thing is I’ll be able to curb my shopping addiction.

For dinner we stopped by E-Kafe to get a 360 view of Tianyi at night. It was simply breathtaking! Tianyi was fantastic. It was nice to see a different part of Ningbo and everyone out and about for the holiday. I’d say that my National Day went pretty swell!



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