Uncomfortable (The Flight to Ningbo)

Written September 3rd at 1:26 pm

Long flights and I don’t really get along, but that’s probably the same for most people. Traveling on an international flight for hours is unnerving. I spent a good while trying to hold back tears and I’m not sure if that’s because I’m still emotional from leaving my friends and family or just that bothered. If the lady in front of me pushes her seat back any further her head would be in my lap, meanwhile I can’t seem to figure out how get my own seat back. Begrudgingly settling for an upright position, my back has been twisted into positions unknown and I’m certain that I bruised my backside somehow. Prior to leaving the country I considered trying to fast while in China and just my luck, United Airlines gave me a good head start while on this flight. Apparently, you can’t order food on international flights so my stomach continued to shrivel up until they decided it was a good time to feed us.

Why is the pilot messing with my nerves like this? He actually flew in a circle!

It’s also ridiculously cold in the plane and I’m sure flying through Canada, Alaska, and Russia for the majority of the ride didn’t help much.

And of course, the complimentary movies the plane offers were not available for some reason and you can only play Temple Run so many times before wanting to claw your eyes out of sheer boredom. So I spent most of the ride uncomfortable, hungry and asleep. It’s now 1:15pm China time. I’ve traveled over 11,864 miles from Jersey and the plane is soon to touch down in Shanghai in 15 minutes. A lot can change in a short amount of time when you look at in that perspective. I can’t fathom what awaits me when I arrive, but hopefully it’s more comfortable than the plane ride there.


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