Week 1 Recap

Disclaimer: It looks like I had a post saved in my drafts about Week 1 after all! Unfortunately, I have no recollection of what happened on Day 7, so it wasn’t a full recap. I believe I had the intentions of posting this the next day, but the wi-fi here is horrible so I forgot all about it. At least it’s something!

My first week in China has flown by! One week doesn’t sound like a lot but it doesn’t feel like I’ve been here for days, as I have been so busy.

Day 1

  • Most of my day was spent at the airport and then riding over to Ningbo from Shanghai.
  • As soon as I was placed in one room and I was moved to another in the next hour. There’s no rooming system here. They don’t group you by major or interest; whatever room is available they will place you in. Unfortunately, Chinese students can’t room with International students! After being moved around, I was tired and hungry and just my luck, all of the food shops were closed.  Luckily, I met someone outside who was nice enough to order food for me. I’m not sure what it was called, but it was chopped fried chicken with rice and it was really good!

Day 2

  • I went to IKEA! I haven’t been to IKEA in the US, so it was an experience to shop in the one in Ningbo first. There were so many items to choose from and all quite decently priced when you convert RMB to USD. For a little over $100 I purchased quite a few items to add personality to my drab room such as a cute comforter, rug, mirror etc.

Day 3

  •  I had my first sit-down meal at Yummy Coffee on campus and it was delicious. It was a veggie-rice bowl so I was happy to get some nutrition in after eating trash for days. My roommates and I also had a look around campus and visited Sunday Plaza for a bite at KFC. I didn’t want to have something Western inspired so quickly, but my roommates insisted. They definitely don’t use the “original recipe ” here, but it tasted decent.

Day 4

– My roommates and I headed for Wanda Plaza which features a two story Walmart within a mall. It was absolutely insane! It’s so crowded and there’s so many items to choose from. The worst thing about Walmart here is that they have employees that wait in the aisles and try to get you to buy the most expensive item on the shelf. Someone almost enticed me to buy an expensive face lotion when I was only looking for body lotion! We were able to buy a lot for both ourselves and our flat for very cheap which I was happy about. I can’t wait to go back since we didn’t even cover half the store in the 4 hours we spent there. We ended our trip with a late lunch at “Thank You Mom” which serves American style food in a Korean setting. K-pop played on a wall behind us so I happily sang along the entire time.

Day 5

My roommates and I visited a lovely seafood restaurant particular to Ningbo where we were able to choose foods from a fridge and have them cook it fresh. I also toughed through exchanging currency at the bank which took nearly an hour. Afterwards we ended our outing with a sweet treat from an auntie’s shop so it made the day better. Later on that night I had a hot pot of Korean Beef Bimbimbap. I’m enjoying the many foods they offer here on campus, especially the Korean food which is an at-home favorite.

Day 6

It was a pretty uneventful day. Registration began and after that I purchased Wi-Fi and a phone to use while in China. The internet still sucks but I’m hoping for improvement. Maybe that just how it goes here and I’ll just have to get over it. (A/N: It’s a month in and the internet still sucks so I am just going to have to get over it.)


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