Not Your Average Strawberry Festival


On a whim, I visited Dongqian Lake on the 22nd of October to attend the Strawberry Musical Festival. I intended to spend my Sunday like I usually do, wasting away in bed until I finally get hungry enough to get up, but luckily my friends invited me out to have some fun! This was a big deal for me because 1. I had never been to a music festival (unless you can call Wild Splash one) 2. It was a Chinese music festival and they would have folk, EDM dj’s and rock artists there which is way different than the Chinese love ballads I’m used to hearing 3. It was somewhere away from Ningbo, which I have hardly ventured out of, unlike my other fellow international students.

Considering it’s name,  I was really hoping to find strawberries for sale somewhere, but the only strawberry I got was a big tent where I could get a tattoo. I explained to my friends that in February we have our own Strawberry Festival in Plant City where you can buy actual strawberries in bulk and experience specialty fair foods like donut burgers and any fried food you can think of. I did not find any fried oreos, but I did find something similar to a churro and tasted fried octopus on a stick.

Even though I couldn’t understand 90% of what was being sung, I still enjoyed the sensation of the bass rattling in my chest and seeing the performers give it their all to a singing crowd. That’s the cool thing about music; it doesn’t matter what language you speak or what language the song is in, music transcends it all. You connect with a song or artist no matter what language you speak, it’s really the music that’s speaking to you!



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