Flashback Fridays: VAV Team Bonding- Nov 12, 2016


Joining VAV will have to be one of the best decisions I have made coming here. I’m introverted at times and I knew coming here if I didn’t try to break out of my shell my time in China would be grim. Even if you are studying abroad for only a semester, I suggest that you join an organization or club. It’s a fantastic way to make friends fast and meet people who have the same interest as you!

Our team bonding consisted of two parts, hiking and camping. I have no idea where we went, but it was no more than an hour away from our school to a local mountain. I have never hiked before so I was kind of worried, but when we got there the scenery was so beautiful I momentairly forgot about how out of shape I am.

First it was a nice walk up a road for about an hour… and then it got intense. Maybe it would be lax for others, but I really thought I was going to meet my end on that mountain. I was practically climbing it at some parts hoping I was not going to slip on the rocks that were barely lodged into the mountain.

Eventually, we came to a stop about an hour or so later. The senior members asked us if we wanted to keep climbing or go back down the mountain. From my fetal position on the ground I protested going any further because I did not have the energy, but also because I assumed we were climbing up it to camp in the mountain. Turns out we hiked to “build character and bond”. That’s not my idea of bonding. After walking down a nice road I wish we had used to get to the top, we headed over to our camp site on someone’s farm.

That night we pitched our own tents, had some barbecue, KTV,  and played some games around the camp fire.

I had some great laughs that night, and this is the moment that I really started to feel like I was going to have some great memories to reflect on with some amazing people.



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