Flashback Fridays: Exchange Exposition: Recruiting Future Bulls, Nov 16, 2016

VAV has six programs within their organization, one of them being Go! UK~ which aims to help full time UNNC students study abroad on campus. UNNC is partnered with a few American colleges, one of them being USF so I was asked to help create and run the American booth!

Along with another students who studied at USF and one who studied in North Carolina, we decked out our booth in red, white, and blue and I even gave them some pictures of USF campus activities for them to hang around the booth.

From about six hours I helped set up, talk to interested students, and take it all down in the end. We provided them with some games like basketball and fortune cookies; typical American stuff. Some students had an idea in mind of where they wanted to go, and some had no idea at all. Of course, I promoted USF the entire time. One girl told me she had already been looking into studying at USF! I know the study abroad fairs at USF helped me get to where I am now, so I’m always willing to help around campus when it comes to anything related to America and study abroad!

This experience was so rewarding, because even if only for those few hours I felt at home. Just seeing those pictures of my school and being wrapped in the flag made it  feel like I’m not a 1000 miles away.

I’m proud to be a Bull abroad I hope I’ll meet some students from UNNC when I get back to the States!

new image - gb5j6


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