Flashback Fridays: Christmas in China, Dec.24 & 25 

Finally Christmas has come again, but this time somewhere I would have never imagined! I was worried before I left about spending my favorite holidays away from home. Thanksgiving and Christmas time is what I look forward to every year, and after Thanksgiving didn’t go as planned, I was little worried about spending Christmas alone. Luckily, VAV threw a Christmas Eve party to save the day!

Almost all of us headed to a factory 2 hours away that let us rent out their employee facilities. For the night, we had a large dining room, basketball court and pool tables all to ourselves for the whole night.

We started out with a lovely dinner, then everyone got in their pajamas (except me because I forgot mine) to get ready for the nights activities. We played games, danced, and watched Home Alone. The best part was the Christmas party tradition of putting makeup on the boys and watching them model in their pajamas! I even got to play UNO the Chinese way, which is ten times more difficult than what I remembered playing back home.

We woke up that morning to the gifts we brought to exchange with each other. After that, we headed back and luckily one of my best friends on campus hung out with me for the night. We had pizza and watched A Christmas Story and Love Actually.

new image - 1prlf

Even though I was terribly homesick, I was grateful to be surrounded by my friends. It will be a Christmas I will never forget.


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